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10917 S IH35, Austin

The Challenge:

Client was looking to revitalize their space and create a unified retail presentation for customers in multiple locations. The current space was outdated, tired, lacking needed amenities, and the sales team was awkwardly located in the center of the retail floor.

The Buildout Solution

CTIG worked tirelessly with architects, designers and the Cowboy Harley team, collaborating on designs, layouts, color schemes, and the various outcomes. Once decided the project became a major renovation. To accommodate both staff and clientele a large warehouse space on the second floor was converted to a motorcycle test drive area that includes a large, welcoming break area, and additional offices, conference room and restrooms; the retail area was relocated to be more inviting and create a natural flow; and a sales tower was built to provide the sales team more access and visibility to clientele. All improvements were able to be completed while still maintaining the needed inventory and repair space required for everyday operations.

Project Gallery

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