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3355 Bee Cave Rd, 1st Fl, West Lake Hills

The Challenge:

Previous owner had converted an office building to office condos and sold first floor. New owner needed to convert office space for medical use and personalize the space to reflect the ambiance they wanted to create for their clientele.

The Buildout Solution

For most medical users, power requirements and plumbing needs are usually higher than they would be for an average office - this client was no exception. To accommodate medical equipment and services in the exam rooms the electrical power had to be upgraded and all new wiring and lighting was installed. The plumbing was also upgraded and water was brought into all exam rooms. The two floors, previously one office building, had to be separated and made independent of each other. This was accomplished by removing a staircase and transitioning it to additional space on each floor. For this client, two new offices and a breakroom were created in addition to the existing space, and all new cabinetry, flooring and paint provided the finishing touches.

Project Gallery

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